The Equestrian Center


Our priority is above all the well-being of our animals and our riders. More than just a school, you will learn to live in the company of horses and ponies.

We are happy to present our equipment designed for everyone's comfort.


Alexandra Madeleine Perdrillat

Passionate about horse riding since my 5 years, my main ambition was to live with horses and make it my job.

I passed my diploma of riding instructor (BEES 1st degree), my BAFA and AFPS after my CAP early childhood.

In the equestrian center, I mainly take care of lessons and training.

Grégoire Madeleine Perdrillat

Accompanist of Equestrian Tourism (ATE), rider for 40 years, I obtained my BTA polyculture and horse breeding.

I also hold BAFA and AFPS.

I mainly take care of equestrian tourism activities, training and competitive outings.

Our equipment

The stable

It is an old dairy cow barn that we have completely transformed to meet current standards. Today our establishment meets ERP category 5 standards. In addition, we had the will to arrange this building so that our riders and our animals are in very good conditions: the riders are sheltered from bad weather as well for prepare their mount only for riding. The equines are not in boxing but in free stalling because a horse is not made to live in a restricted place without companion. You will also find a warm Club House, functional toilets.

The carousel

Directly connected to the stable, this fully enclosed arena allows riders to ride all year round in good conditions. The Club House overlooks the merry-go-round which allows chaperones to watch the riders in a comfortable room.

The Saddlery

A saddlery designed for all riders from the smallest to the largest with equipment in very good condition, all worn equipment is systematically changed to new; the equipment used is a guarantee of the rider's safety. Equestrian standards helmets are available. For the youngest, adapted saddles with secure stirrups are used. All equipment is maintained very regularly.

The Cross

Pony Run-Run has a cross course allowing to pass the exams until Gallop 7.


Thanks to the Equicentre software, you can at any time know the number of lessons you have left on your card, the activities you have done during the year. In addition, as soon as you arrive at the equestrian center, a screen informs you of the pony or horse you are riding and the activity you are going to do. Your invoices are made immediately and you are always informed precisely of what you are paying. The means of payment are checks, bank cards, ANCV holiday checks, cash. All services are invoiced and payable in advance.

No membership fee for the Club and cards which are valid for one year, with us horse riding is a hobby and not an obligation.

The Paddocks

The Cavalry

Our Ponies

Our stable has 25 ponies of different sizes and levels. So we can assign to our riders the most suitable frame for their comfort, safety and respect for our equines.

The pony is not only Shetland, we also have New Forest and Pony French Saddle sport ponies.

The pony, depending on its morphology, can support the weight of certain adults.

You can see for yourself by looking at the Competition page; yes they are ponies!

The size of the ponies:

Pony A: 1.07 m

Pony B: 1.08 m to 1.30 m

Pony C: 1.31 m to 1.41 m

Pony D: 1.42 m to 1.48 m

The size is taken at the withers (part located at the top of the shoulder)

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We are available :

On Monday :

2 p.m. - 7 p.m. (open in the morning during the holidays)

Tuesday to Saturday :

9 a.m. - 12 p.m. / 2 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Sunday :

9 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Phone :

06 72 07 37 41

Address :

Rif Bush

63120 Courpière

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