The Pensions

From PONY RUN RUN Equestrian Center in Courpière in the Puy de Dôme

Do you dream of owning a horse, but have fears or doubts?

Guarantors of the Quality Label awarded by the FFE, we guarantee you specialized and secure structures to welcome and watch over your ponies and horses.

We offer several formulas:

The pension

Half board

Au Pair Pension


The pension

We offer a pension for all owners of horses or ponies. We provide you and your equine with a thoughtful environment and structure so that your animal lives as close to its natural state as possible.

Horses or ponies live in small herds in the meadow, fed on grass or hay at will according to the seasons. Water always at will.

Several options are available to you; rations, blankets, fly masks, tack cupboard, use of structures, courses ...

Your horses are under regular surveillance, you are on a structure supervised by trained professionals and in an establishment having the mention Animal Welfare.

We offer pension contracts that are best suited to your situation. It is important for us that your companion lives in good conditions. We will always be there to give you the right advice.


Half board

It is an intermediate step before buying a horse or pony: becoming responsible for your own horse or pony with the supervision of professionals.

Pony Run-Run offers half-board on its ponies or horses: that is to say, you are responsible for an equine that you will ride but also that you will take care of more particularly. You can set it up one hour in class and two hours freely per week.

We consider that this formula makes sense from Gallop 4.

It seems obvious to us to go through a half board which is a good approach for a future owner.

A horse or pony is not a toy and must be a thoughtful purchase, always ask a professional.


Au Pair Pension

You have a horse or a pony and you want to entrust it to us: it's possible. We accept horses or ponies in au pair pension, we take the costs of this horse at our expense. Your equine will be part of our cavalry, you can mount it when it is available.

This solution, very advantageous for owners, remains subject to our acceptance and the capabilities of the horse or pony.

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